Financial Empowerment to support Community Development 

This community is located at Barangay San Luis, Cogeo, Antipolo, Philippines. 

Project Description

The volunteers for community development by the name of Cris and Annamarie Agripa are needing a tricycle that will be used in visiting the families of Barangay San Luis Community for marriage counseling purposes to prevent broken relationships and moral degradation among the urban poor families.

The provision of the tricycle will help transport the volunteers who serve the community through marriage counseling to do their work in visiting the depressed and troubled couples and families instead of commuting to various places at their own expense.

Support to Educational Empowerment 

This community is located at Barangay San Juan, Apalit, Pampanga, Philippines. 

Project Description 

This project is about the provision of teaching materials to be used for the tutorials of less fortunate children in Barangay San Juan, Apalit, Pampanga. The volunteer teacher, Ms. Marlyn Fabilane, is willing to do tutorials for these children and adults in the community who are deprived of education, however, she has no books, tables and chairs to be used during her class meetings.. 

The pupils being taught in the learning center do not have books, tables and chairs to be used during the tutorial so that they just write and do their workshops simply in the ground. The provision of the teaching materials will provide the proper education for the children necessary for their developmental growth.


Financial Empowerment through Microfinance 

The Badjao Community is located at Barangay Libjo, Batangas City, Batangas, Philippines. This is our pilot community development project.
Project Manager: Albert Santiago

Project Description

The “Let Us Sell Goods” Livelihood Project is a cooperative-like livelihood project wherein a capital of certain amount, in cash, is being lent to a Badjao family under certain length of time, terms and conditions.   The start-up capital for the buy-and-sell business is aimed at providing an income to these families to sustain their needs daily and help them rise above poverty and lack.

The products usually being traded are cultured pearls, malong (traditional badjao cloth), fancy accessories, second hand cellphones and prime commodities. Their market includes their fellow badjao in the community, tourists, and local folks. They go from province to province in selling their goods. The capital lent to the family will be returned again to the project with 5% interest of the total amount borrowed, of which to be added up to the livelihood fund, to help more Badjao families. 

Support to Emergency Infrastructure Development 

This community is located at Iligan City, Iligan, Philippines. 

Project Description

The water system in lligan city was severely damaged by the floods on December 17 2011. According to the government, it will take six months to one year to restore the water supply.

Two months after the floods, many places still don't have water for the flood victims to use for washing clothes, cleaning their houses and surroundings, taking a bath and so on.  Some have to travel to other places to seek for potable and clean water. lnstallation of a deep well unit in a populated community will be of great help to the people.

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