Our Vision 

Empowering one community at a time

Frontline Foundation is a non-profit international aid organisation based in Melbourne, Australia dedicated to empowering less-privileged people in regions of the world that need support … one community at a time … to achieve sustainable livelihood. We do this by partnering with generous involved parties (individuals and organizations) and needy communities and facilitating community development projects that would enable the communities to experience holistic transformation.

Our Mission

Encourage... Empower... Inspire...

  • Encourage the building of relationships 
We aim to cultivate and establish a network of partners (sponsors, volunteers,  strategic partners (various non-profit groups, charitable institutions and international aid organisations)) with the objective of building relationships with less privileged communities in countries that need support.
  • Empower, equip and challenge community leadership and their communities 
We aim to empower, equip and challenge community leadership to meet community needs.
We aim to cultivate and establish a network of community leaders and program/project leaders who are eager to contribute and have the motivation to create a positive change within their neighbourhood or village.
We aim to provide opportunities for communities to achieve sustainable livelihood and become self-sustaining, self-directing and free from the cycle of poverty and hunger. 
  • Inspire and build hope
We aim to facilitate strategic planning, design and implementation of holistic asset-based community development projects to inspire and build hope for all involved parties. We do this by leveraging on the "relationships that were built by ensuring support for the strategic direction and plans of the community"
“Turning plans into action”. We aim to provide a sense of hope for all members involved, such as sponsors, volunteers and strategic partners, community leaders, program/project leaders and recipients of the community development projects.
We aim to open opportunities to give and serve in the implementation of the asset-based community development projects.

Our Core Values  

  • Generous Giving
We believe that God prospers us to raise our standard of giving.  Our generous giving not only helps and encourages those who are in need but also results in thanksgiving to God.   When we sow generously, we will also reap generously.

  • Connecting to the Community
We believe in connecting to the community in a spirit of genuine relationship, servant leadership, and providing care and compassion services that will address their needs.  We will be a lighthouse that will allow the light of Jesus to shine that they may see our good works and glorify our Father in heaven.  

  • Excellence
We believe excellence honors God and inspires greatness.  We pursue and do the best we can with the gifts and abilities God gives, giving our best to the glory of God.  
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Frontline Foundation. Empowering One Community at a Time.
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