Frontline Foundation has established a strategic partnership with ACC International Relief (ACCIR).  This strategic alliance provides access to tax deductible giving for approved overseas community development projects.  ACCIR is the international aid and develolpment arm of the Australian Christian Church (ACC) network.

In line with this strategic partnership, the Frontline Foundation will adopt the ACCIR community development principles and project management framework and processes.


Our aim is to ensure that all our programs and projects are well planned, implemented, measured and evaluated in order to improve aid effectiveness and speed up learning inside the organisation. 

The ACCIR project management cycle has been divided in 6 different stages: 

(1) Assess,
(2) Design,
(3) Implement and Monitor,
(4) Evaluate,
(5) Reflect and
(6) Transition.   


Development is a process where a community of people work together to break the cycle of poverty and dependence so that their fundamental needs are met and the quality of their lives is enhanced. Development seeks to improve the conditions of communities in a sustainable way and is based on working with communities, rather than for or on behalf of communities.  (Reference: ACCIR Development Project Policy)

There are three (3) key principles in ACCIR’s policy and definition of development: 

(1) Community Participation;
(2) Fair Distribution; and
(3) Sustainability.  

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